The Marcel Maus Hermeneutical Think Tank is an anti-gesamtkunstwerk gesamtkunstwerk hellbent on affecting the necessary preconditions of the coming of ART. As such, as a total work of art working to become a total work of art, the MMHTT is endeavoring to achieve its totalizing ambitions through entirely nontotalizing means. The nontotalizing totalizing of this anti-gesamtkunstwerk gesamtkunstwerk participates within the eventist tradition of nonviolent violence, is driven in faith by Jacques Derrida's weak force of the unconditional, is fueled by Mike Kelley's dark joy, and seeks to know the world in the biblical sense. In an effort to know the world before the end of the world the MMHTT practices limitrophy to avoid catastrophy.

The MMHTT strategically works to affect the preconditions for the coming of art by cultivating gifted-giving communities through the research and development of specially designed goods and services. We are not just working to make space for art like so many other superfluous "arts" organizations. Rather we are strategically working to make the space between gifted-givers thick and viscous (which on our view is the definition of art) and to make our object edges soft and permeable (which on our view is the definition of art appreciation). This continues the good work that was begun by our founder Marcel Maus. To accomplish our aims we offer three distinct areas of activities and services for the edification of the community: our Critical Arm, our Educational Arm and our Product Production.

For information on the life and times of Marcel Maushis conversion from Marcel Mauss to Marcel Maus: a conversion that transitioned this earthling from the important French anthropologist Marcel Mauss to the abundantly more important visionary 5-eyed mouse who had anarchy on his mind, togetherness on his heart and all his eyes perpetually trained on the space between (a conversion which was most importantly a conversion from one who observes gifts to one who becomes THE GIFT) please watch this short lecture video featuring on of our Artists in Residence Brent Everett Dickinson introducing the Maus and explaining some of the MMHTT's key activities and services.


::::::::::::::::::BIG EVENT NEWS:::::::::::::::::::

Announcing our NEXT BIG EVENT: 

On May Day 2018, we will be hosting an earthwork event unlike any before: a nonlocal (everywhere and nowhere), invisible (optically dazzling with no visible manifestation), and silent (tremendously noisy despite making no sound at all) earthwork titled If a Tree Falls in the Forest. This will be a planetary-scaled earthwork and one whose effects will last for the rest of the Anthropocene.


If you are one of the millions of earthlings who participated in a MMHTT July 4th 2017 Interdependence Day celebration* and want to reminisce the good time had by all, please see the exciting slide show below:  

The annual MMHTT July 4th Interdependence Day celebration's core objective is to provide the opportunity for a planet of brave objects to exercise what Derrida and the MMHTT calls "Limitrophy"**. If you missed this past year's celebration, please join us next July 4th as we engage in LIMITROPHY TO AVOID CATASTROPHY.

*Please note, you may have participated in a MMHTT Interdependence Day celebration without knowing it. If on July 4th 2017 you ate a hot dog or ignited a small-scale explosive, it is likely you were at a MMHTT Interdependence Day celebration! (You being aware of it in no way makes it any more real!)
** Jacques Derrida— "Limitrophy...concern[s] what sprouts or grows at the limit, around the limit, by maintaining the limit, but also what feeds the limit, gnerates it, raises it,... complicates it. Not in effacing the limit, but in multiplying its figures, in complicating, thickening, delinearizing, folding, and dividing the line precisely by making it increase and multiply."


To receive more information on how to become a part of this experiment in radical, hermeneutical, gifted-giving loveespecially to take part in the May Day 2018 earthwork event If a Tree Falls in the Forestplease join our email list.